Rest & Digest with Yoga. LIVE from the comfort of your own home.

Attent a class without leaving your house.

Every Wednesday 8PM-9.15PM

These classes are accessible for everyone that would love to nourish her sensitive system en treat the body through yoga from the comfort of your own home. On Wednesday you'll receive a link to access the online class room where we meet for a LIVE practice.

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You know what is even more amazing?

You'll also receive the replay the day after the class.

So you can repeat your favorite yoga session as much as your heart desires.

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Try out this replay of Rest & Digest with Yoga.

Enjoy the replay of our LIVE yoga session of 6 March 2019 (English) | INSPIRATION

Dit is de replay van de LIVE les van dinsdag 23 januari 2019.

Or listen to the podcast via SoundCloud.

KICKSTART | Rest & Digest with Yoga 16 January 2019

Geen zin in beeld, maar vind je het wel fijn om begeleid je yoga beoefening te doen. Luister dan de podcast via SoundCloud.

INSPIRATION | Rest & Digest with Yoga 6 March 2019

If you'd like to be guided in your practice without using a computer screen. Than this might be amazing for you. Listen to the replay of 6 March 2019 on SoundCloud here:

Online yoga classes for free!


Share the gift of yoga with your friends and family.

Yoga is an ancient system that is known and scientifically proven for its many beneficial benefits on our 

physical, mental and emotional well being and health.

I believe that everyone deserves a good health, starting with REST.

When we are at ease there's more space for enjoyment, connection, self confidence &  joy in once life!

And this prevents us from premature aging, sickness and tension.

Prevention is better than curing and we can take care of it by taking good care by intergrating yoga in our daily lives and routine.

Hridaya Yoga

Rest & Digest with Yoga is inspired by the authentic yoga philosophy of Hridaya Yoga. 

Which is rooted in the perspective of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality), Kashmir Shaivism and Tantra. Also you find parallels in Taoism, Sufism, Buddhism, Christianity etc. It is a contemplative practice, that focuses on training awareness, relaxation and living with an open heart.

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Come join us in this heart opening practice to allow yourself some Rest & Digest with Yoga.

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