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Esmé Ritstier

"The moment my armor melts, and my heart opens spontaneously, are the moments I feel utterly alive and connected."

Hi this is Esmé Ritstier (35) - De Yoga Life Coach.

As a facilitator and space holder I love to open space for transformation. A spaces where we open a new paradigm and practice a new way of being. That is heart directed rather then mind directed.

Community opened me to a new quality of life

During the last years I have been part of different communities and even lived in a spiritual yoga community. And these are by far one of the most dear and precious experiences of my life. 


Because it opens my heart in a way I never had experienced before. For the first time I can ever remember I felt true belonging, authentic connection and so much joy in truly being met, seen and felt as I was. I experienced how masks slowly dropped and a new quality of me came alive that was more at ease, open, loving and alive.

One of the things that was so special about people that decide to live in these communities is that they decide to do so for a joined reason: to awaken their true potential and open the heart. And support each other in this journey. Living and co-creating with people with shared value I have found the greatest joy of all! There is encouragement and support rather then competition or rivalry. 

Re-evaluating our values

Every time I left the community, I experienced the complete opposite in the city life that I got back to. 

I felt alone so many times in the transformation journey that was still continuing, in a civilization that was focused on individual gain, rather than meeting one another authentically.

I now know that I never really have fit in the ambition for success. What i found out to be more true to me is finding success in the celebratory moments that both your and I were able to truly  meet each other in each others glory and pain.

I found out that what I value most is creating momentum for re-evaluating our values in life, learning to open our heart for authentic connection, and offer a safety net where people can come home to and find true belonging in a network of women that share the common intent to support one another in opening their heart and stepping into their joy and full potential.

Presence was the key in all those moments that open my heart. And that became key in all that I do.

Whether you are longing for more ease and quiet in your life, to really find clarity about your purpose in life.

Or you'd love to just meet and be inspired by openhearted encounters.